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Sweetspot 2015 expo in Jönköping, Sweden

April 26-27 2015, at A6 Center, Jönköping

A now traditional Spring trip to the beautiful Swedish city of Jönköping. We will present the beautiful jubilee model Nuovo Settanta and something new in the Pro Studio series... See more about these later here and on Facebook


Profel Pro Studio 56 - newest addition to the studio series


2-way active loudspeaker for studio work and for home entertainment. New design with aluminium tweeter and waveguide. Increased amplification power and more efficient and quiter power source. All in all, the new PS56 provides well balanced and inspiring audio performance in a small package.

The PS56 has a new high gloss finish with default colors white, black and red. Both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA input connectors and adjustable HF, MF, LF room filters for easy connectivity and balancing sound after positioning.

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Featured products:


Nuovo Gamba high end subwoofer with revolutionary automatic DSP bass-control system

Pro Studio 302DT

Nuovo Quaranta high end 3-way floorstanding active speakers

Pro Studio series
NEW arrivals PS81, PS66 and PS56

Profel Pro Audio Micro Series

Profel Pro Studio 302DT desktop studio speaker


PDF material:

Nuovo Quaranta Nuovo Gamba


decoration Sweetspot 2015 - Jönköping 26-27. April 2015

decoration New product 2015 - Profel Pro Studio 56 2-way stand / shelf active loudspeaker

decoration Sweetspot 2014 - Jönköping 26-27. April 2014

decoration New product - Jubilee model Nuovo Settanta - High End gem for your livingroom

decoration Sweetspot 2013 - Welcome to Sweden, Jönköpings Hotell och Konferens, Jönköping 27-28. April 2013

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decoration New products

Pro Studio 81 and Pro Studio 66 high quality active speakers for studio work and home applications

decoration Sweetspot 2012 - Highend Society Sweden - Welcome to Sweden, A6 Center, Jönköping 21-22. April 2012

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decoration Profel Nuovo Gamba - High end active subwoofer with automatic bass control calibration system. The perfect subwoofer companion for music and home theater.

Nuovo Gamba

decoration Sweetspot 2011 - Highend Society Sweden - Welcome to Sweden, A6 Center, Jönköping 6-7. May 2011Profel

On display: Nuovo Quaranta, Profel micro series (PA31i, PA65SW, µ-AMP preamplifier)

decoration New micro preamplifier µ-AMP - Simple and easy way to connect active speakers to any of your existing sound system.

decoration Nuovo series - Nuovo Quaranta the new 3-way full active speaker - exreme performance for your livingroom.