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Profel speakers for studio professionals and dedicated home users

Profel Oy is a Finnish company with established expertise in electronics and audio engineering. All Profel speakers are carefully manufactured hand-made products using high quality components. Our product lines are designed to match the needs and requirements of different user groups and fields of application, to provide consistent and outstanding performance.

Selected products:

Four product lines

Technical details for all Profel active speaker models in production - Profel models 2015 (pdf)

Pro Studio

Active speakers designed for high precision studio work and for high fidelity audio entertainment at the comfort of your home.

All Studio speakers are fully compatible with balanced signal sources, also featuring room adjustment controls.

Pro Audio

High performance active speakers system particularly designed for home applications.

All the advantages of active speakers packed with easy connectivity to home entertainment systems.




Nuovo High End
Design and Performance!

Exploring new boundaries for active speakers in the center of home entertainment where more than just good looks matter!

Featuring Nuovo Quaranta 3-way active floorstander and Nuovo Gamba subwoofer with automatic DSP room control.


The Classic passive speaker line is our tribute for traditional speaker technology.

Superior speaker design for high-level signals. Premium quality WBT connectors.

µ-AMP micro preamplifier - for easy listening

µ-AMP stereo preamplifier is designed to ease the use of active speakers with your existing audio systems.

It is a simple and efficient solution to add active speakers to your computer, digital set-top boxes, or e.g. to protable music palyers without expensive preamplifier solutions. You can connect up to three signal sources, including high-level speaker signals, and maintain controll over playback volume on the selected source. µ-AMP does not require power sources and it is easy to position e.g. on your desktop.


µ-AMP and the Pro Audio micro series

Micro series info webcard (pdf)


u-AMP & PA31i